Friday 14 April 2017

USHI Shuttle 15/28mm

Great Scott! - Lets look at those dates again - no update since the October before last?

Some may feel this is a sign of a shifting timeline or an alternate reality half remembered, and that may well be correct, but for now here are more vaguely original thoughts, offered up -NOW- to the techno-spheroid to be stored for all time - until the mighty star disk-drive head crashes into infinity and beyond.

Continuing our exploration of semi-plausible miniature realities; this utilitarian Transport Pod / Space Shuttle represents a well defined Sci-Fi vehicle archetype, and will soon be available in both 15 and 28mm figure scale forms from Clear Horizon Miniatures.

The 28mm version features extra internal capacity up to the cockpit bulkheads

Although a civilian design, for our military customers the shuttle features plenty of room for 'customization'. 

Virtual colorscheme: Anomalous Oxide #2, Clear Blue Beam #2 & Pure Toxic Fog #3 - available from the past. 
That's about all for now folks, stay safe out there and hopefully we will engage the collective with another update very soon! 

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