Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

3 ships from the 25th Quiet Storm Squadron, dumping a multi-morphic programmable flare show in form of this traditional seasonal greeting (Its great for shaking off the Evil Robot Santa too!).

This year has been just crazy, for so many reasons, work and personal, sadly, I have had no time to blog recently, with just over a week left of it, where did 2014 go, hmm?

I wanted to cover so much more, but it has not happened, much to catch up with in the coming months. I promise more frequent updates and hope you all enjoy this christmassy image, made using one of this years (and so far undocumented) Aurora VTOL special-ops aircraft, a miniature prototype constructed for our good friends, Clearhorizon miniatures

I wish you all the very best, have a great holiday!