Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

3 ships from the 25th Quiet Storm Squadron, dumping a multi-morphic programmable flare show in form of this traditional seasonal greeting (Its great for shaking off the Evil Robot Santa too!).

This year has been just crazy, for so many reasons, work and personal, sadly, I have had no time to blog recently, with just over a week left of it, where did 2014 go, hmm?

I wanted to cover so much more, but it has not happened, much to catch up with in the coming months. I promise more frequent updates and hope you all enjoy this christmassy image, made using one of this years (and so far undocumented) Aurora VTOL special-ops aircraft, a miniature prototype constructed for our good friends, Clearhorizon miniatures

I wish you all the very best, have a great holiday!


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Introducing "El Diablo" - 15mm Scale APC

Hello all, soon I hope to have the long awaited 15mm version of El Diablo available on Shapeways!

 This miniature has been in development for a whopping THREE YEARS, a 6mm version is presently available on Shapeways.  Speaking of which, Shapeways have introduced a great tool for confirming the models printability which is going to save a lot of time checking the complicated geometry. It comprises a system which breaks the model down to print layers and reconstructs the model for analysis purposes - if you look closely it adds a roughness that wont exist on the model which is sent to the printer.

Print failures are the bane of a shapeways creators life, costing sales and wasting time, once everything on a model is green, we should be good to go.:)

note the rougher texture, this is an analytical model, the system reconstructs the uploaded model in a way that it can digest and check for thickness issues.
 A unique feature of this model is the working, poseable suspension and steering, each wheelset has fully independent, double wishbone suspension and ackermann steering, hit the play button for a demo of the movement range. 

This system allows for off road with great ground clearance, or a low riding, ground hugging high speed highway setup - this setup is best with the additonal aero armor (as pictured at the top of the post), which gives it a mean and exotic look. 

The (hopefully) working suspension system, just a few issues - this is working out pretty great so far!
be sure to check out my store on shapeways, all sales help fund this and other projects!

Direct links to the 6mm versions presently available (Thanks Gavin):


Order in Ultra Detail or Frosted Ultra Detail for best results!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Columbiad MAG Droid

Another recent one, the lead model of an entirely new line designed and modelled by yours truly.

This fully automatic armored drone unit has been designed for a specifically fearsome appearance and I think packs a ton of attitude which should give its diminutive size (for a tank) a great deal of presence on any gaming board.
Front wheel drive: the propulsion systems provide thrust from the forward pods, exhausting through those slatted ports in the armor, 'dragging' the machine behind them.

I wanted the weapons to look like something other than the usual barrelled guns, some kind of emitter with integrated cooling systems.

I designed a custom base peice to elevate it over the playing the surface, just pretend its not there... future miniatures will have a superconducting system to elevate them for real... (just kidding - plus they'd go everywhere if someone sneezed.)

As well as solving some potential production pitfalls, the separated front hull/propulsion modules represent the real construction of this fictional vehicle... I figured they would be allowed some play, to enable the machine to tub up hills and soak up any forward impacts.

The unpainted production mini - Image courtesy Dwartist

 Pick up a pack or three from Khurasan, today!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Napoleon's Army - French Infantry - Work in Progress - Part 1

Science fiction models are often the order of the day for the digital miniatures sculptor, however readers of my other blog will have seen some distinctly real world items from time to time.

No, muskets were not known for their ability to hover, or shoot accurately over long ranges.

Here at Coolhand Customs we can construct anything! this is a preview render of a range of historical 28mm figures, built on commission for a wargaming company in eastern Europe.

When complete it will be produced in 18 different poses, with variations in faces, haircuts and neckwear.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Cars! Again...

Here in my car / I feel safest of all / I can lock all my doors / It's the only way to live in cars.

 I designed and built WAY back in summer 2012 (I think some obscure primitive sporting event was on in the UK)  in a particularly hectic month where I also started working on big spaceships for Halo IV 

I tried to give each vehicle a sophisticated, integrated look, no jagged sticky-out bits or machinery visible, everything contained within a soft rounded shell suitable for use in a city with lots of soft, squishy people around, or smoothing the airflow on the aerobahn.

To give the limo a touch of extra class i went for a pillar-less look and butted each frame of glazing against the next, giving it the appearance of a more expensive style of manufacture.

Here's a couple of pics of painted production models.

The Wrap-around glazing offers an unfettered canvas for those looking to push the boat out... swish.

wicked paint jobs, looking like something out of Bladerunner, now, where did I leave my stim pills and sexbot?
Whar?  Not enough cars for ya? Thirsty for more? Head on over to JBR's 3D compound in the desert for his offerings available from CMG.