Sunday, 13 July 2014

Columbiad MAG Droid

Another recent one, the lead model of an entirely new line designed and modelled by yours truly.

This fully automatic armored drone unit has been designed for a specifically fearsome appearance and I think packs a ton of attitude which should give its diminutive size (for a tank) a great deal of presence on any gaming board.
Front wheel drive: the propulsion systems provide thrust from the forward pods, exhausting through those slatted ports in the armor, 'dragging' the machine behind them.

I wanted the weapons to look like something other than the usual barrelled guns, some kind of emitter with integrated cooling systems.

I designed a custom base peice to elevate it over the playing the surface, just pretend its not there... future miniatures will have a superconducting system to elevate them for real... (just kidding - plus they'd go everywhere if someone sneezed.)

As well as solving some potential production pitfalls, the separated front hull/propulsion modules represent the real construction of this fictional vehicle... I figured they would be allowed some play, to enable the machine to tub up hills and soak up any forward impacts.

The unpainted production mini - Image courtesy Dwartist

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