Friday, 8 November 2013

Armies Armies - Neo-Sov VTOL APC

A few months back I completed a prototype for Armies Armies, something similar to a Soviet BTR, with a twist - a flying framework or harness to enable deployment from some airborne carrier or from orbit.

I designed it around a loose version of the 1970's era BTR, which looks more distinctive, its actually very close dimensionally to the real thing and I spent a lot of time on that to give it an authentic feel, but with more sci-fi styling.

Here are a few renders of the 3D prototype:

And a wee piccy or two of the printed hull of the APC, courtesy of Armies Armies:

These are in 15mm scale but I'm sure it would look great @ 28mm too, as many of my clients like to upscale and get 2 or more scales from one model.  Lets hope this happens in the future!

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